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Life Members and In Memoriam

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Photos taken at June 2004 General Meeting



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Name: Alex James Fordred

Was one of our youngest "members" -  escaped from the confines of his mummy's tummy... Monday 25th November 2002 at approximately 6.00pm

Congratulations to the proud parents, Martin & Tash.

    Following in Dad's footsteps

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Name: Bill & Karen Adams


Member Since: September 1981

Vehicle: 2006 Toyota Prius Hybrid ("Design Green - Drive Green")

Positions: past secretary & webmaster - now retired from duty...

Favourite Activities: Driving, camping, star gazing, shopping & "hairing" around.

Best Trip: We haven't been on one we didn't enjoy to the max!   Most recent - a "flying" trip to the West and then later to the "Top End". 

Previous Vehicles: 1980 Suzuki LJ80V, 1988 Suzuki Swift "clone", 1990 Suzuki Vitara, 2000 Grand Vitara.

    Playfull "bubbles"   

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Name: Georga Paige Fordred

Was youngest "member" -  escaped from the confines of her mummy's tummy...  7th September 2004 early in the morning...

Congratulations to the proud parents, Tash & Martin & big brother Alex


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Name: Jim & Shelagh Bond

VP Jim Jim

Past President -Retired



Joined To : Enjoy the club atmosphere with like-minded people.

Current Vehicles : Land Rover Discovery

Stupidest 4WD Experience : So far NIL!!!

Dream 4WD Trip : Cape York & Canning Stock Route.

Favourite Camp Food/Drink : Red Wine / Damper or scones

Best Known For : Just Being Jim & Shelagh

Best Trip : Fraser Island

Worst Breakage : Stuffed a harmonic balance

Best Thing About Being A Club Member : Companionship with like-minded people.


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Name: Kryn Buitendyk


Member Since : 1983.

Joined To : Learn how to get bogged.

Positions Held: President - Driver Training officer

Current Vehicles : Toyota Hilux Dual-Cab 2.2l Turbo Diesel & Suzuki ST90.

Modifications (to ST90) :

.Was 1.0l, now 1.3l, Complete drive train assembly, 120l tank, extended cab, 100mm winch, SAAS seating. No

Stupidest 4WD Experience : Getting bogged after owning vehicle for 2 weeks (an LJ50).

Dream 4WD Trip : Cape York.

Favourite Camp Food/Drink : Egg toasties & Coffee.

Best Known For : Training & weird ideas.

more to be done…

Best Trip : Anne Beadell Track

Worst Breakage : 3 diffs in ST90.

Best Thing About Being A Club Member : Hanging around real 4WDs.

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Name: Martin Fordred "Our Illustrious Treasurer"  & Tash

Retired "magazine editor"

  Martin with Alex       


Member Since : a long time

Committee Positions Held: Martin - Current Treasurer (previous past President)

                                                Tash -

Current Vehicles : 1998 Grand Vitara V6 Automatic & Suzuki LJ50.


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Name: Robert "Norm" Stewart

Honorary MEMBER

Vehicle: Suzuki LJ50 (several - whole and in bits'n'pieces...)


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Name: Phill Dohne "Ex-President"  & Elaine "the First Lady"


Current Position :- Vice-President

Member Since : 1979.

Joined To : Tour Oz...

Current Vehicles : Isuzi MU-X (Suzuki on steroids).

Modifications : Smart bar, Dual Battery, Chuck Wagon

Stupidest 4WD Experience : Trying to swim a suzuki across a flooded creek with water over the bonnet & up to the bottom of the dash inside.

Dream 4WD Trip : Cape York - 2nd attempt

Favourite Camp Food/Drink : everything!!!

Best Known For : Trip from Hell - Cape York!

Best Trip : Crossing Simpson Dessert & Warburton Track.

Worst Breakage : Rear diff on Suzuki - twice on same trip (Cape York); broken leg on Pascoe River - 150kms east of Wepia (Cape York trip)

Best Thing About Being A Club Member : Companionship on trips.


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Name: Stephen "Rolly" Robertson An Extraordinary Photographer


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Name: Thomas a.k.a. "Thomas the Tank"

Member Since : 1993

Joined To : Travel the outback...

Committee Positions Held: Had been on committee for about 2 years as "gopher / welcoming person"

Current Vehicles : Now a Ford Ranger Dual Cab.  Originally owned a Suzuki Sierra.

Modifications : CB/UHF radio, raised suspension, dual battery & various other bits'n'pieces.

Stupidest 4WD Experience : the weekend I rolled my Sierra...

Worst Breakage: written off my Sierra - they don't like being parked on their heads. 

Best Trip : we'll let you know when I'm a bit older...

Favourite Camp Food/Drink : "What!  I have to pick one of each.... ah...."

Best Known For : "It wasn't me", "I didn't do it!!!"   generally the clown of the club.

Best Thing About Being A Club Member : Being able to learn and teach.   Camping trips..

Favourite Activities: Camping, 4wding, and the camaraderie associated with being with other members of the club.



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Name: Robin Wellington

LIFE MEMBER Presented 1987

Member Since : since eternity (Aug 1977) - There at the beginning - a bloody long time ago...

Positions: Current :- President, Webmaster & Magazine Editor. 

Current Vehicle :- 1998 Grand Vitara V6 Automatic

Email articles or items of interest for publication in the magazine to:

Married To :-  Cheryl Wellington - 28th November 1981

Current Position - Secretary


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